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CLICK above on the first letter of the site you’d like to see on our Maui map. It will have all the photos beginning with that letter in ALPHABETICAL order. Our Beaches and Drives pages are in GEOGRAPHICAL order. If you don’t have our Maui map, click away for a photo tour of the island!

The reference maps on this website are for those viewing our detailed Maui Driving Map. Here’s PDF’s of our printed Maui maps:

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The Maui Driving Map is the most detailed, informative and convenient map available on Maui. And it’s free! Ask for it by name at your hotel or condominium, or any activity desk on Maui.

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Hana CD Guide

Maui Driving Map

Hana CD and Hana Map

The most detailed and informative maps of the Road to Hana and Haleakala... Maui’s 2 Famous Adventures! Visit the Hana CD Guide website now.

Over 325 photos of every site of interest to the Maui visitor are here!